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Spay and Neuter

Spay and Neuter Services

When you bring a pet into your home, you may want to take measures to spay and neuter the animal. Our veterinarian in Houston, TX recommends the service to help reduce health concerns to your pet. The treatment offers clear advantages that make it a good choice for most pet owners.

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What is the Procedure?

Spaying and neutering is a process to prevent a pet from reproducing. It means you will not have puppies or kittens in your home. The procedure removes the parts that allow a pet to reproduce, so you will not need to worry about pregnancies or similar complications.

Our veterinarian in Houston provides appropriate services to address your concerns. We discuss the procedure with pet owners and the potential risks to ensure that you are comfortable with the process. We recommend the procedure to most dogs and cats.

Benefits of Spay and Neuter Services

The advantages of spay and neuter services depend on your situation. In relation to female pets, the obvious advantage is that they will not get pregnant. A pregnancy increases the risk of health concerns. It also reduces the risk of certain reproductive cancers in your female pets and prevents your pet from going into heat.

In the case of male pets, neutering has an advantage when it relates to behavior. Your pet is less likely to roam and face potential injuries. It also reduces the risk of aggressive behaviors and marking territory in your house. Keep in mind that the impact on behavior is most effective when you get the procedure done at a young age. Waiting increases the risk of your pet learning unwanted behaviors. Neutering also reduces the risk of certain cancers in your male pets.

When to Consider the Procedure

You want to consider spaying or neutering your pet at a young age. Generally, our veterinarian in Houston, TX will evaluate your pet's health before recommending an appropriate time. In female pets, we usually recommend the procedure before a dog or cat's first heat. Male pets are usually neutered around eight weeks old. We may recommend waiting longer if your pet is not healthy enough for the procedure or we feel that a pet is not ready for the procedure for any reason. Male dogs are usually neutered by six to nine months old. Cats are usually neutered at a younger age. 

Contact Our Local Veterinarian for Spay and Neuter Services for Your Pet Today

Preventative care is an essential part of maintaining your pet's long-term health. Spay and neuter services from our veterinarian are part of preventative care because it reduces the risk of certain health concerns. To learn more about the procedure or to set up an appointment with our veterinarian in Houston, call (281) 890-1960 today.

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