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At Prestonwood Animal Clinic, our Houston veterinary team is committed to your pet's health and wellness. We take great pride in serving the surrounding areas of Houston with the highest standard of veterinary care. Not only do we provide services for dogs and cats, but pocket pets, rabbits, and ferrets as well. If you're seeking a veterinary clinic in the Houston area that can serve all of your pet's ever-changing health and wellness needs, look no further! When you first step foot inside our office, you and your pet will immediately enjoy our welcoming and stress-free atmosphere before meeting with our friendly veterinary team.

More About Our Veterinarians and Staff

All of our veterinarians and staff here at Prestonwood Animal Clinic are pet lovers, and many are owner of numerous pets as well. With this in mind, you can rest assured that your pet will always be treated with the care, respect, and compassion that he or she deserves from all members of our veterinary team and office staff.

We currently have four experienced and knowledgeable veterinarians on our staff, each with their own areas of expertise. In addition to our four veterinarians, we also have a number of compassionate veterinary technicians, animal handlers, receptionists, and other excellent staff members who are eager to serve you and your pet with a smile.

Services Offered at Our Animal Clinic

We take pride in the comprehensive range of services we're able to offer here at Prestonwood Animal Clinic. Preventative care services are the most common, and these are ideal for protecting your pet's health and wellness. These services include your pet's annual comprehensive wellness exam, as well as vaccinations, preventative medicine (for fleas, ticks, etc.), and more. We also offer microchipping as part of our preventative care services, which can help to reunite you and your pet in the event that your pet runs away or otherwise becomes lost.

Surgical services are also offered in our office. From spay and neuter surgery to soft tissue surgery and everything in between, our veterinarians have the experience and state-of-the-art technology to make sure your pet is in good hands.

One service that many pet owners aren't aware that we offer is that of pet boarding! The next time you need to travel and want someone to care for your pet while you're away, our boarding facilities are a great option to consider. We have comfortable facilities for dogs and cats alike, and our experienced boarding staff will make sure your pet receives plenty of TLC while you're away.

We also offer emergency and urgent care services during our regular office hours; we just encourage you to give us a call on your way in so we can do everything possible to ensure a veterinarian is available to assist you when you arrive with your pet.

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Ready to book your next appointment with our Houston vet team? If so, or if you have questions about our practice, give Prestonwood Animal Clinic a call at (281) 890-1960. We look forward to serving you!

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