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New Clients Welcome at Our Full-Service Animal Clinic 

Have you been looking for a veterinarian who cares in the Houston area? At Prestonwood Animal Clinic we are your full-service clinic for the best in pet care. Check out our online resources, virtual tour, and registration to learn more about us. We serve the pets of Houston and look forward to meeting you and your furry pal. 

Services Provided at Our Animal Clinic:

We provide a full range of services at our Houston animal clinic. From regular check-ups, parasite control, heartworm prevention and management, and surgical procedures, to vaccinations, spay and neutering, boarding, and even dental and dermatological care. We are experienced and equipped to take care of your pet from snout to tail and everything in between. 

What to Expect at Your Pet's Appointment:

When you or your pet visit a new doctor it is normal to worry. Will the physician be friendly and knowledgeable? Will the staff be personable? Will the wait take long? These questions normal, and we would like to put your mind at ease that we do everything we can to make sure that your pet is in an examination room as soon as possible after you arrive and barring a medical emergency the veterinarian will arrive in your pet's room right after. You can expect our staff to be friendly and excited to meet your pet, after all, we only hire employees who truly care about animals. You can expect the doctor to also greet your pet with a friendly attitude, yet offer a valuable medical experience that puts your pet's health as the main priority. We will be happy to answer any questions you have about a diagnosis or procedure.

The first person you will likely interact with is the Vet-Tech who will take your pet's history and discuss the reasons for your visit. Then the veterinarian will examine your pet and discuss anything of concern with you while informing you of a treatment plan if needed. The technician will wrap up the appointment with any additional literature or care needed. Depending on how your pet responds to shots it will likely be one of the last steps, so they will be at ease as much as possible through the exam. 

Contact Us to Schedule Your Pets Appointment.

If your pet needs his yearly exam or has a pressing medical issue that needs care call us at Prestonwood Animal Clinic to schedule an appointment. We love to meet new patients and you and your furry pal will be greeted with a warm and friendly environment. Check out our virtual tour and online veterinary resources while you wait for your pet's appointment. You can also register online with us for various perks. Call today at (281) 890-1960. We serve Houston and the surrounding areas with expert and friendly veterinary care.

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