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At the Prestonwood Animal Clinic, we have a number of tools that we can use to help you and your pet. One of the areas in which we specialize has to do with pain management. We know that it can be hard to see a loved one in pain, particularly a pet. Every pet in the Houston, TX area deserves to have access to a veterinarian who knows how to help a pet who is in pain. That is where we come in. There are a number of ways that we can help a pet with pain management issues.


Pain Management Treatment Options from Prestonwood Animal Clinic

At the Prestonwood Animal Clinic, an integral part of pet care is making sure that pets aren't in pain. For that reason, we have a few ways that we can help a pet who might be in pain. Some of these include:

Physical TherapyPhysical therapy is a critical part of pain management. In physical therapy, our goal is to strengthen muscles, ligaments, and tendons that can support any body part that might be struggling. With extra support, it will help pets manage their pain.

MedicationsWe also use medications to help pets manage their pain. Our mantra is to start low and go slow. We will start with anti-inflammatory medications before we move on to any narcotics or opioids. We know that these medications are addictive which is why we use them sparingly.

DietSome pet owners might be surprised to hear that we can use diet to help pets control their pain as well. Diet is an integral part of a pet's overall health. When we put a pet's diet first, we are able to manage levels of inflammation and ensure that pets have the appropriate amount of nutrition. This can go a long way toward pain management.

These are only a few of the many ways that we can help with pain management. At the Prestonwood Animal Clinic, we are here to make sure that all of your pet's needs are taken care of. Trust us to help you and your pet.

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At Prestonwood Animal Clinic, we want to make sure that every pet has access to a veterinarian who can help a pet with his or her pain management issues. We invest in the latest diagnostic and treatment options in our field for the benefit of our patients. We want our families to know all the information before making any treatment decisions. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you, then please call us today!

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