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Prestonwood Animal Clinic in Houston, TX Offers Help For Your Pet’s Allergy Problems

Pets can suffer from allergies, just as people do. They can experience a wide range of physical symptoms that make them miserable and cause distress and worry for pet owners. At Prestonwood Animal Clinic in Houston, TX, we can help find the source of the allergy problem and provide effective treatment to help your pet be more comfortable.

Dog laying in a bed of flowersUnderstanding Allergies in Your Pet

Allergic reactions can cause puzzling symptoms in pets. They may experience chronic skin problems, itching, constant licking at paws, eye discharge, sneezing, coughing or repeated ear infections. Reactions to food ingredients can cause frequent vomiting or bouts of diarrhea. When these incidents become an ongoing problem, you and your vet may begin to suspect an allergy. Finding the offending allergen can be a challenge, but testing and investigation can ultimately detect the source of the problem.

Diagnosing Pet Allergies

The vet will do a thorough physical examination and discuss your pet’s health history and daily activities. Blood tests can rule out other disorders that cause common allergy symptoms, and allergy tests can help to narrow down the source of allergic reactions. If food sensitivity is suspected, your Houston veterinarian may suggest an “elimination diet” that feeds only one food ingredient at a time to determine which is the offending substance.

Common Allergens

Animals sometimes develop reactions to common substances, such as pollen from grass and trees, mold spores, dander, cigarette smoke, perfumes, household cleaners, pesticide products, plastic or rubber materials and even fleabites. Even common food items such as chicken or wheat can result in an allergy that can develop at any age. Pinpointing the allergen can take a bit of detection that takes some time, but once the problem is found, owners can institute changes that reduce reactions.

Your Houston Vet Can Offer Help For Pet Allergy Problems

Once allergens are identified, the vet can suggest strategies for reducing contact with them, such as keeping your pet indoors at certain times of the year, changing household cleaning products, changing pet food or other methods. Medications, such as antihistamines, steroid drugs or immune-system-modulators can help to reduce symptoms.

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