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Pet Surgery Services in the Houston, Texas Area from Prestonwood Animal Clinic

Your pet is an important part of your family. When it's necessary to seek surgical help, you want to make sure you choose a veterinarian who is experienced, skilled, and compassionate. The veterinary experts at Prestonwood Animal Clinic offer pet surgery services for your family in the Houston area. Whether you need a routine procedure or help managing a chronic condition, our pet surgery services are designed to give your pet the best possible life after treatment.

Pet Surgery Services in the Houston, Texas Area from Prestonwood Animal Clinic

Common Pet Surgery Procedures

Surgical procedures are offered that help your pet live a healthier life. While some procedures are meant to correct problems, others are used as preventative measures. Preventative surgeries include spay and neuter procedures. These interventions help your pet avoid risky behaviors that could result in life-threatening infections, positively impact their behavior, and reduce the population of unwanted pets in the Houston area. Our spay and neuter services reduce suffering for your family and other animals as well.

Your veterinarian can suggest surgical intervention for a variety of conditions and problems. When pets ingest things that they can't digest, a quick surgery can remove the blockage and facilitate healing. Other signs of gastrointestinal distress, like refusing food, repeated episodes of vomiting, and the inability to pass solid waste may be corrected with expert surgical procedures. Soft tissue damages related to accidents, injuries, or chronic conditions like arthritis are also useful tools for encouraging healing and improving the comfort of your pet.

Our Houston office also provides vital dental procedures that protect the long-term health of your pet. We can help you deal with tartar build-up, decay, and other dental issues in a way that doesn't leave your pet emotionally scarred. Consult with our customer service representatives to learn more about your pet surgery options at Prestonwood Animal Clinic.

What to Expect from Your Pet Surgery at Prestonwood Animal Clinic

Your pet surgery at Prestonwood Animal Clinic starts with an expert evaluation. Using a combination of high-tech diagnostics, superior medical knowledge, and a thorough physical examination, our veterinarian will find the source of your pet's pain. Then we'll discuss your treatment options, which may include drug therapies, lifestyle changes, and surgical procedures.

If surgery is necessary, we will work with you to ensure the procedure is as comfortable for your family as possible. Our staff provides pre- and post-operative instructions designed to support the best possible results. With follow-up visits, we can monitor your pet's progress and quickly respond to any signs of potential problems before they compromise the prognosis. The comfort of your entire family is our main priority throughout your experience at our clinic. We are always available to answer your questions and make sure you understand every step of the treatment process.

Prestonwood Animal Clinic is your source for caring and effective pet surgery in the Houston, Texas area. Call our offices to schedule an examination for your pet today.

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