Puppy and Kitten Care

If you recently acquired a new puppy or kitten, you are about to embark on an exciting time in your life as you care for your new pet. It's important to provide your pet with the proper tools to remain healthy as they are in this stage of their life. Make an appointment at Prestonwood Animal Clinic in Cambridge for puppy and kitten care tips and routine examinations. Our veterinarian in Cambridge is available for emergency services as well. Read on to learn a few kitten and puppy care actions you can take to keep your pet comfortable.


Get the Right Items to Keep on Hand at Home

It is important to have a few items in your home to keep your kitten or puppy comfortable. Purchase a water bowl and food dish and keep it in the same place in your home day in and day out so your pet gets used to where it is. If you have a kitten, keep a litter box filled with litter for it to use. Be sure to clean out the litter and refill the box whenever it gets dirty. If you have a puppy, you will need a leash to bring it outdoors to go to the bathroom. Kittens and puppies enjoy playing with pet toys as well. All of these items can be purchased from a pet supply store.

Keep Your Pet Groomed to Keep It Healthy

Puppies and kittens will need routine grooming sessions to help keep it healthy. Give your pet baths to remove debris from its fur when needed. Comb or brush your pet's fur to keep debris from accumulating upon its body. If you need help with grooming, our clinic provides grooming services.

Make an Appointment as Soon as Possible

It is best to see our veterinarian in Cambridge soon after you bring your new pet home. If you have other pets, separate them until you are able to get an appointment for an evaluation for your newcomer. If your pets are assessed promptly, any medical conditions that they may be suffering from can be treated without delay. Our veterinarian will check your pet's body from head to tail for any abnormalities and will make recommendations on the right course of action if needed. During your pet's appointment, our vet will discuss the importance of preventative measures such as parasite treatment and immunizations. Spaying or neutering will also be discussed with you.

Give Prestonwood Animal Clinic in Cambridge a call to make an appointment for your pet as a part of kitten and puppy care. Call our animal hospital at (281) 890-1960 for more information about our services. 

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