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Spay & Neuter Surgery at Prestonwood Animal Clinic in Houston, TX

Do you instinctively think of surgery as a last resort, an extreme form of care for extreme injuries or illnesses? While some surgeries do meet that description, others are far more routine in nature -- and some of the even qualify as preventative care. Sexual sterilization, in the form of spaying or neutering your pet, is an example. Here at Preston Animal Clinic in Houston, TX, we urge all pet owners to consider spay & neuter surgery at our clinic for the special animals in their lives.

Cat and DogWhat Is Spay & Neuter Surgery?

Spay & neuter surgeries are two types of procedures that eliminate the possibility of conception and pregnancy. Spay surgery is an internal surgery performed on females; it is also called ovariohysterectomy. The uterus and ovaries are removed in this procedure. Neuter surgery, which is administered to males, is a simpler external procedure also known as castration. In this operation, the testes are removed from the scrotum via a small incision.

Important Benefits of Spay & Neuter Surgery

Why do we consider it so important to spay or neuter your pet? Apart from preventing pregnancy, spay & neuter surgery also prevents or greatly minimizes an animal's risk of some serious, even fatal diseases. Aggressive cancers such as testicular cancer, ovarian cancer, and uterine cancer can never touch your pet once the surgery is performed. Risks of other diseases such as mammalian cancer and prostate disease are reduced. The removal of the sex organs also takes away the destructive behavioral changes brought about by the mating urge, from violent lashing out at other animals to compulsive wandering at night. Your pet will be a happier, more content animal -- which means less chances of getting into dangerous situations that might result in veterinary emergencies.

When Should You Spay or Neuter Your Pet?

Most veterinarians will tell you to spay or neuter your pet before the onset of puberty if at all possible. This prevents your pet from experiencing even that first flush of hormones that might introduce risks. Today we can spay & neuter pets as early as 8 weeks without danger, so why not schedule that procedure along the rest of your puppy/kitten wellness care tasks? Neutering takes only a few minutes; spay surgery takes somewhat longer. But in either case, your pet should be able to go home with you that same day.

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